Rental of electric scooters and electric bicycles in Vilnius

Electric scooter rental and electric bicycle rental in Vilnius – a new way to get to know something long forgotten! Do you want to see the city of Vilnius in a modern and comfortable way, or maybe you received guests from abroad and you want to show them the old town of Vilnius quickly and comfortably, without hassle and sweat? Are you simply looking for transportation to work instead of a car, or do you want to work as a Bolt / Wolt courier? You made the right choice by coming here.

Our Mission

We aim to make it possible for you to enjoy Vilnius city parks, architecture easily, comfortably and quickly. Renting electric scooters and electric bikes and electric bicycles is a new way to get to know something long forgotten!
Jump off the couch and grab the Xiaomi M365 PRO or Ninebot G 30 MAX electric scooter or electric bike because their rental in Vilnius has already started. Visit the most beautiful places of the capital that have not been seen for a long time. Sun, light wind, smooth road, beautiful views, great emotions and 0 sweat! Isn’t that what you need on such a beautiful summer day?
With a rented electric scooter or electric bike, you can easily overcome the long paths of Vilnius streets and parks. Or maybe you are looking for a fun and meaningful time spent with your family or friends? Then electric scooter rental is just for you!

Electric scooter and electric bicycle rental

Which one to choose?

Ninebot G 30 MAX or Xiaomi M365 PRO
Electric bike with reliable Bosch system?

Although the scooters look similar, their differences can help you decide on the most suitable electric scooter rental for you. Or maybe you don’t need a scooter at all, but an electric bike for a ride in Vilnius?


Ninebot G30 MAX

Although both scooters are the most reliable, easy to control, durable and bring a lot of joy, the Ninebot G30 MAX model is a bit heavier than the Xiaomi M 365 PRO. When renting these scooters, you should assess the driver's weight, height and how many kilometers you intend to cover with the scooter. The Ninebot G30 MAX scooter will be more powerful and keep rolling. We recommend it for heavier drivers or those who want to fly from Juodkartė to Nida and back. Its declared driving distance is 65 km. It is true that you will need to save battery while traveling unless you take the charging cable with you. The charger is built into the scooter itself, all you need is a cable.​

€4.8* Ninebot G 30 MAX The most popular and reliable electric scooter for rent. *Daily price for renting for one month in low season.

Elektrinio dviračio nuoma Vilniuje

EBike su Bosch

We recommend an electric bicycle for drivers who want to cover longer distances. With this type of electric bicycle with the help of a Bosch motor, you can cover up to 110 kilometers in Vilnius. This will be enough to visit Vilnius parks or memorable places. These bikes are geared towards couriers. Fast, maneuverable and cheap transport helps couriers to deliver the most orders in Vilnius with the least amount of money and time. Each bike comes with an ABUS 6500 lock that helps protect the bike from theft. We also rent bicycles in winter, but a higher price applies. The presented photo is associative.

€10* Bosch Performace Line Electric bike rental in Vilnius is the best solution for those who want to work as a courier (Bolt, Wolt). *Daily price when renting from the fourth week.


Xiaomi M 365 PRO

We recommend the Xiaomi M 365 PRO scooter for lighter, i.e. up to 80 kg. for heavy drivers. The Pro version of the scooter covers up to 45 km. This will be enough for a ride in the old town of Vilnius or in the parks. Customers sometimes ask what is the difference between a simple Xiaomi M365 electric scooter and a Xiaomi M 365 PRO? We note that the Pro version of the scooter covers up to 50% more distance than the regular version. Its engine is even 20% more powerful! Therefore, the rental price is a bit higher. In any case, the Electric Scooter Rental team will help you choose the right scooter for your trip and explain how to use it.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer this scooter for rent at the moment, due to its extremely short range and frequent breakdowns.

Our selected best models for your fun time with Electric scooters and Electric bicycles rental in Vilnius and beyond. We have selected these models based on customer feedback and requests that we have heard over the past 4 years of operation.

Electric scooter and Electric Bicycle Rental price


Ninebot G30

Time | Price
Week – 50 eur
Atention!!! Ninebot g30 MAX Monthly rental only 100 euros (3.2€/24h)
For a shorter time, contact us.

80 kg and more are recommended. for heavy drivers.
It usually runs 30-65 km on a single charge, depending on the circumstances.

Elektrinio dviračio nuoma Vilniuje

Electric Bike with Bosch

Time | Price
Week – 95 till 70 eur*
(4th week rent price is 70 eur 🠲 (10€/24h)
Frame Size – M/L

It is recommended for those who want to ride up to 85 km or more per day at this time of year. Balanced for courier work. *More about the service and prices


Paspirtuku nuoma banko kortele pavedimu

Attention! Payment only by bank cards or by advance transfer through the bank after the conclusion of the contract! Only the person concluding the contract can make the order. It is not possible to pay in cash. Don’t forget YOUR valid ID. Transfers are accepted only from banks registered in Lithuania. Monese is not a bank registered in Lithuania.

Paspirtuku nuoma banko kortele pavedimu išankstiniu

Frequently asked questions

Rent e-mail scooters are available from 16 years of age. 3 aspects determine such an answer. Civil Code, Road Traffic Rules and possession of a Bank card. In short, a rental agreement is a transaction that can only be entered into by an adult* (in this case, a 16-year-old). Road traffic rules also allow only electric scooter drivers who are 16 years old to participate in traffic. And finally, since we only pay by bank card or bank transfer (only from the tenant’s account), such payment can only be made by a 16-year-old person. Well, the answer is only from the age of 16.

Yes, no problem. Our scooters, together with the renters, usually spend the summer in Nida or Palanga.

Yes. Just inform us beforehand. Please note that our scooters cannot be taken out of the European Union. When traveling to another country, follow its traffic rules.

An electric scooter can be used on cycle paths, pedestrian and cycle paths, or cycle lanes where there are none – on the appropriate curb. When driving on the curb, pedestrian and bicycle path, sidewalk, the driver of an electric scooter must give way to pedestrians, must not obstruct them, or pose a danger. Please note that drivers of these vehicles are prohibited from crossing the roadway at pedestrian crossings. When there is no bicycle path, pedestrian and bicycle path, or there is no bicycle lane or curb on the right side of the road, as well as in cases where it is not possible to drive on them (potholes, etc.), it is allowed to drive on the sidewalk or in one row on the right side of the roadway, as close as possible on its right side, except for the cases specified in point 106 of the Road Traffic Rules, as well as when it is necessary to go around an obstacle, drive straight when only turning to the right is allowed from the first traffic lane. When riding on the roadway, the rider must wear a brightly colored vest with reflective elements, or the bicycle must have a white light on the front and a red light on the back. A safety helmet is mandatory for minors (under 18) when driving such a vehicle. Riding a bicycle (electric scooter – speed up to 25 km/h, power no more than 1 kW) on the carriageway is allowed for persons at least 14 years old, and those who have completed the training course established by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania and have a certificate issued by the school, – for persons at least 12 years old. Under the supervision of an adult, riding a bicycle on the roadway is allowed for persons at least 8 years old. There is no age limit for drivers in the residential area. Adults must ensure that minors behave properly on the road, setting a good (good) example themselves. p.s. the approved micromobility law provides for additional requirements for drivers of electric scooters. Do your research before hitting the streets.

It all depends on your weight, chosen speed and road terrain. Everything is the same as with electric cars. Up to 50 km is averaged. When running faster and uphill – up to 35 km.

Electric scooters and electric bicycles are protected from moisture and rain, so you can safely use them under normal conditions. However, you should avoid higher scores or leaving it in the rain for a longer period of time.

No. We only rent electric scooters and electric bicycles. Also a lock for them. However, we do not rent gloves, knee, elbow and head protection. Would you really want to wear the gloves or helmet used by another customer?

No. We only accept payments by bank card or advance transfer to the company’s account. In any case, we only accept payment from the person making the payment, i.e.  you will not rent a scooter or a bicycle with your mother’s, friend’s, or stolen bank or identity card.

Yes. Our customers often rent electric scooters or electric bicycles for courier work in Vilnius.

If you damage Our property – a rented electric scooter or electric bicycle or its accessory, you must compensate the damage caused in full. We do not provide insurance services. So save your rented property and keep it safe.

This usually happens because we have rented everything. But if you want more precise information, contact us using the inquiry form at the bottom of the page.

Our rental electric bikes with the help of easy riding cover about 100 km on a single charge. It all depends on the driving mode of your electric bike (Tour, Sport or Turbo), road terrain, air temperature, remaining battery capacity and so on. Just like with electric cars. If you notice that after riding our electric bike for a longer period of time, its battery is enough to cover shorter and shorter distances, we usually provide a new battery for further use.

In case of theft, you must always notify the police and us. If you do not return the rented property at the end of the rental period due to theft, you must pay us the full price of the property given to you, which is specified in the contract.

It won’t work. We accept payments only from the person who concluded the contract. If the person who entered into the contract and who made the payment does not match, the contract is terminated and the property is not transferred to the rental, and we always report cases of fraud to the police.

How to rent an Electric Scooter or Electric Bicycle in Vilnius?

You can do this by clicking on the link below, which will take you to the order form for renting an electric scooter or renting an electric bike.

Rental of electric scooters and electric bicycles in Vilnius